Computing Interests


Until I set up Precedence, I was probably best known for developing MelIDI for RISC OS computers. It is a powerful, extensible MIDI sequencing package.

Now that I'm running a computer company focussed on development, support, consultancy and the Internet.

I have a large number of Acorn machines at home including:

  • StrongARM RiscPC with 4 MIDI interfaces, etc.
  • A5000
  • A3010
  • R260 with 16MB, FPA
  • A440/1
  • A680 (ARM2-based machine with on-board SCSI and 8MB RAM running RISCiX). Only 5 were made I believe and I've got 1 whole one and the motherboard of another...
  • Stork (A7000-based portable computer). Not many of these around either...
  • BBC B
  • Master with internal modem and co-pro
  • Filestore
Though to be honest, I don't use them very much any longer (they are stuck in the loft).